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West End Kids is currently auditioning singers & dancers (9-18yrs) for places in the famous West End Kids Song & Dance Troupe, WEK: Training Company, WEK: Centre of Excellence and WEK: Summer Intensive. Audition online!


The world's best known musical theatre song & dance troupe! A group of exceptionally talented young performers aged 10-18yrs from throughout the UK.

The troupe performs for hundreds of thousands of people every year at the UK's biggest venues and events and combines its busy performance schedule with an intensive, Saturday rehearsal schedule. Think of it as "on the job" training, where every rehearsal is spent preparing for the next performance.

West End Kids is ideal for performers looking to gain places on full-time performing arts courses and who are considering a career in the West End. All WEKs attend normal schools and we believe strongly in maintaining a strong academic education until age 18.


West End Kids also operates the WEK: Training Program, a tough and challenging musical theatre training program which runs on Saturday's in Central London. WEK: Training is perfect for ambitious young performers aged 9-18yrs.

Within WEK: Training there are four levels of training, providing an opportunity for promotion through the ranks of the Company, all the way through to the famous song & dance troupe - that is based purely on an individuals ability and not age.

WEK: Training is the bedrock for new members of the West End Kids Song & Dance Troupe, with 85%+ of the current WEKs having spent time on the WEK: Training Program. 


Your biggest ever challenge! Each year West End Kids holds the annual WEK: Summer Intensive, taught by the West End Kids creative team.

If you've ever dreamed of being a West End performer or attending full-time performing arts college, the West End Kids Summer Intensive is the week long, residential, intensive summer course for you!

The West End Kids reflect individual talent, hard work athleticisim, training, teamwork, dedication and dazzling performance skills. The West End Kids Summer Intensive focuses on and teaches these elements to you!


The WEK: Centre of Excellence provides training & classes in the same way that a dance or drama school would. The West End Kids Troupe and associated WEK: Training program is a nationwide program which provides "on the job" training and performance opportunities.

The WEK: Centre of Excellence requires a commitment of 1 training day per month. The London based West End Kids Troupe and WEK: Training programs are weekly commitments in Central London.

Designed to contrast and compliment the existing West End Kids Troupe and WEK: Training Programs in Central London, the WEK: Centre of Excellence is a Sunday program designed for performers aged 9-18 looking to "top-up" their existing training/classes.

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West End Kids 2020 National Auditions!

Open to singers & dancers aged 9-18yrs from throughout the UK.

Have you got what it takes to be a WEK?

West End Kids provides elite "on the job" Musical Theatre training and is - without doubt - the toughest, most challenging part-time musical theatre training available for talented young performers.


Ready to perform for hundreds of thousands on the biggest stages one of the famous "West End Kids"?


Want to start your journey to becoming a WEK and audition for the WEK: Training Program or WEK: Summer Intensive?


Frustrated and need to take your performing to the next level?

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Welcome to WEK!

West End Kids 2020 Season


(West End LIVE)

76 Trombones

(Move IT)

Our Fave Son

(Move IT)

Addams Family

(West End LIVE)


(West End LIVE)

Jerry's Kids

(West End LIVE)

Catch Me Medley

(Move IT)


(British Summer Time Festival)

TESTIMONIALS - What the WEK parents say...

Samantha Silsby

(Parent of Megan Silsby)

"Accepting a place in the West End Kids Troupe was the best decision we could have made for Megan. We have seen such a huge improvement in her in the last eight months, and she has the most incredible time with a team that’s more like a family. She enjoys every second! It is extremely hard work. Martin and Emma bring out the best in the whole troupe and the performances are outstanding - you can see the hard work and dedication that goes into every piece of choreography. The Summer Intensive was a brilliant week too, and helped Meg improve in aspects of her dance and performance."

Annie Gaudencio

(Parent of Georgie Gaudencio)

"The best decision Georgie ever made was to attend a WEK workshop audition six years ago “just for experience”. Since then WEK has been her world; she has been taught and encouraged by Emma and Martin in every possible way to develop the skills and attitude needed to succeed as an MT performer. The training is tough but fantastic - as are the amazing performance opportunities once in Troupe. WEK is a musical theatre family like no other and we cannot recommend them highly enough. It has made, and is continuing to make, Georgie the performer she is today."

Elizabeth Rowlands


"When I joined WEK, I had no experience or confidence in performing. After a lot of hard work and training with Martin and Emma, I made my way up to Troupe and have now gained a place at Urdang Academy.

During my time at WEK I've made some great friendships and had some amazing live performance experiences.

Thanks to WEK, I am now ready to pursue my career in the Performing Arts."

Sandie Gillam

Parent of Georgia Gillam

"West End Kids has been the absolute making of my daughter!

She applied to two performing arts schools and, after a year in WEK: Training, was offered a place at both! Thanks so much!

We didn’t know what WEK was when Georgia first auditioned! She’s never looked back!

As a parent, I can’t speak highly enough of WEK and the work ethic they teach to their Training Teams and to Troupe."


West End LIVE

Trafalgar Square


Latitude Festival

Henham Park


British Summer Time Festival (BST)

Hyde Park


Camp Bestival

Lulworth Castle


Queen's 90th Birthday

Windsor Castle


London Pride

Trafalgar Square


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West End Kids 2020 National Auditions!

Open to singers & dancers aged 9-18yrs from throughout the UK.